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Désir, play for 2 male dancers and 1 female dancer

Désir play for 2 male dancers and 1 female dancer


You know that scathing, disturbing, bold yellow !
The boldness to exist, to impose, to produce what we are.
The boldness to carry on our lives thankfully to what we think keeps us going. The boldness of desire that desire that keeps us alive. Desire that successfully makes us patient, arrogant, mysterious, naïve, sensual and finall...
for it to steal a space in your time, to share your intimacy, your mind, your body and your self while it bothers and makes you doubt.

Starting this research with a work on women seemed unavoidable. Who can create more desire than women ? They can be mothers, sometimes sisters and often lovers. Then, a look on men; the body and all its ambiguities. I will try to take the time, the courage, to search the intimate, with the boldness to push two male dancers into a duet without any compromises or inhibitions. All this expressed with images, interactions, projected pictures and an approach nourished by all the former experiences and researches that only maturity can bring.
One story, many stories repeated in time.

Gilles Schamber