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Désir, play for 2 male dancers and 1 female dancer

Désir play for 2 male dancers and 1 female dancer


Le Télégramme - 4th of february 2004

"The choreographer pushes the boldness to its paroxysm by offering himself a caress with the public itself. A camera filming the audience projects the pictures "live" on the body of the dancer. And then, in a sort of "Je t'aime moi non plus", the two men's bodies, in raw, tense, jerky, gracious movements take pleasure in discovering each others bodies in the game of seduction. With lightness, between tenderness and sometimes coldness, they mix, push each other away, to finally fade into one next to each other.
Artistically directed by a nearly puritan masculine Kamasutra, that delivers the beauty, the force and the power of their emotions. These being a way to help get rid of taboos with art and to show one's desires."