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Kleid, cosmetic solo

Kleid cosmetic solo


Ouest-France - november 1999

"Gilles Schamber plays this sarcastic solo himself : the dancer, dressed in a woman's dress, gives us show that is in between a catwalk and a Chippendale's show. With the emotion as an extra."

Jean-Philippe Faure - Agora Pieces - jully 2001

"A fashion show, chainsaw style.
Gilles Schamber gives a short show but with great intensity, where he puts together with a nice ferocity, the pretence and simpering of fashion shows and the little world of models with life-size Barbie dolls.
A long narrow catwalk with spotlights and row of neon lighting enables him to parade along easily. Acted on a club sort of music, he parades along his walkway from one end to the other with long strides, while knocking the floor to the rhythm and stops from time to time to perform mimics more extreme and burlesque than each other.
The parody is truer than nature. He pushes the derision far and in order to denounce the latent exhibitionism of this system, at one moment he lifts up his sheath made with feathers to show a fine muscular bottom that the women in the assistance, as well as some of the men, will appreciate."