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Marcel, a play for 3 dancers

Marcel a play for 3 dancers


Le Télégramme - Vannes - 9th of november 2000

"Marcel, the third play, is probably the most inspired (...) A club sort of atmosphere with electronic percussions. Feminine and masculine attributes mix together for a tribute full of derision. Marcel is the famous body suit (...) Women in kangaroos, and "guy" on the bottom. We go from the top to the bottom through frolics like in Duchamp's paintings. The universe is very well laid out and works at the same time on sex and tenderness. Man, woman we are not to sure who they are. For Gilles Schamber, the thing is to get past the "clichés" and barriers. The ambiguity of masculine and feminine is revealed, but what interests him is what is in the middle but is not definable."

Ouest France - Rennes - 12th of march 2004

"What are men doing in space ? And women ? The questions that Gilles Schamber asks are probably at the heart of a lot problems in connection with the choreography. With the help of a "cliché", the creator manages to go further than hoped or expected in a show on the relations between the two. To add to the emotion, the show is beautiful. Neat and bold, Marcel puts together a remark, with humour, grace and simplicity."