Rencontre, a play for 4 dancers Rencontre, a play for 4 dancers

Rencontre a play for 4 dancers


In artistic collaboration with the company E.go

A contemporary dancing couple
A hip-hop dancing couple
In an intimate world

Differences meet, knock together, couples interchange.
The intimate world is setting up.
Techniques, genres, bodies, gesturals merge.
Barriers fall apart to only leave human beings left, men, women.
To get closer, to meet, understand each other, respect and love one another.

4 performers, 2 couples and multiple duos.

A few encounters between Eric Mezino and myself naturally and rapidly led to think about working together on a series of duos. Following numerous observations of our respective works, concerned with how we work and approach dancing, we found out that we had things in common. Yet, we are radically different as for our morphology, our aesthetic, our musical tastes or our dancing techniques. But this encounter is principally based on a human relationship where each brings a bit of his intimacy, of his secrets. A discovery of the unknown. In the end, we only wish to share and pass on this need for meeting, to go always further.