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Quiestquietquiproquos, a play for 7 dancers

Quiestquietquiproquos a play for 7 dancers


Ladies and gentlemen, roll up and enter, leave your everyday lives in the dressing room, relax, think about nothing... Tonight, we have 7 men and women, all mixed in a human sauce ! And that is not all ! For the same price, you will keep the 7, and also be able to take away a scene of your dreams... A real Las Vegas. If I say to you : music, Top 40... Yes, you have heard properly, they will be here, all the tracks you danced away to ! Come on, don't hesitate any further, close your eyes and enter this "circle of gods".

Quiestquietquiproquos continues the work started in Kleid and continued in Marcel. Bolstered by personal movements I have used for years, I like to create a universe where my dancers have to use pure movements and a muscular movement with solid anchorage. A dance that demands a lot of investment from the actor, and can make him more fragile without inhibiting him. Raw movements mixed with refined ones, the cause

Gilles Schamber