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Quiestquietquiproquos, a play for 7 dancers

Quiestquietquiproquos a play for 7 dancers


Ouest-France - Rennes - 19th of march 2002

"Choreographer and dancer, Gilles Schamber questions with fantasy an assignment of sexes on which he blows a slight wind of liberty. As the disorder progressively gets worse, dance solos in the wrong tempo, girls with ties and men in skirts muddle up lines that become too clear, bodies exchange masculine and feminine attributes. In the meantime, the standards of the eighties follow each other... giving the whole of it touch of acid nostalgia."

Ouest-France - Lannion - 29th of april 2002

"An hour of inventive and original choreographies, in a flamboyance of reds and an evident ambiguity. (...) Even if they are moving hips or their rear hinds in tempo, performing agitated undulations with movements that are sometimes subtle, sometimes nervous; these 7 artists mix sensuality and visual research. Very androgenic, they swap their identities often ! (...) The music accompanies the show well; from eighties tracks to modern day techno. Even using quick and quieter interludes, like the magic moment of Léo Ferré's "Avec le temps" on a minimalist choreography. An hour of bold progression !"