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Violence Fragile, a play for 4 dancers Violence Fragile, a play for 4 dancers ADAMI

Violence Fragile a play for 4 dancers


The work on women, that began with my last creation the female solo Désir, was a return to the sources or furthermore, the essential. The force of this exchange gave me the will to continue this experience. To continue exploring the intimate and reveal five women in their doubts, their feelings and their strengths.

Four women, four different images
Create a space that will enable them to reveal themselves shamelessly,
Take in account their bodies,
Go further than appearances,
Break their façades
Find their differences
To, at last, leave
Four women, of similar appearance, show their singularity
Four smooth women, reveal their internal complexities
Four fragile women, expose their power
Four soft women, dare their violence

Gilles Schamber